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Monolith is a science-fiction adventure game for one Game Master (GM) and at least one other player. Players act as daring adventurers exploring a vast & mysterious galaxy filled with weird aliens, lost civilizations, and ruthless factions.

  • Monolith was developed as a sci-fi hack of Yochai Gal’s Cairn, which is a hack of Into the Odd (by Chris McDowall) and Knave (by Ben Milton). 
  • Monolith was written by Adam Hensley and its text is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

Install instructions

Version 0.1 - Alpha

Monolith is currently in an alpha state and is still under construction, however the core rules are ready to go and the game is currently in a fully playable state. The current design file was built with the intention of being a print-at-home, digest sized booklet. As such, I would recommend viewing the PDF in spreads view, as that is the intended view of the layout.

 My plans for the near future include:

  • Completing the under construction sections and finishing any incomplete tables.
  • Clean up types and fine tuning the existing text.
  • Increasing the backgrounds from 12 to 36 (for a d66 roll.)
  • Expanding the background "Your story so far..." tables from d4 to d6.
  • Completely overhauling starships and starship combat.
  • Minor to moderate re-working of other elements and systems.


MonolithPrint_v0-alpha.pdf 2 MB

Development log


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One of the best Cairn hack ever seen, one of the best Sci-Fi rpg ever seen.

Actually, I fall in love with this game; go ahead man, PLEASE! :D

Love to hear that! Update is coming soon. 


this is looking fantastic! love the coloring and elegant layout too

(1 edit) (+1)

any plans for a physical release?


If there was enough interest at some point I think that would be really cool! After I get the next update out I’ll have to start looking into options on how best to do that. 🙂


I would be very interested in a physical release!



This is exactly what I have been looking for! Super excited for future updates.

I love hearing that, thanks for your support!


The ultimate ItO SWN port. I can't wait for the full version!

What a cool comment! Thanks for saying that. I hope others who love the Into the Odd style of play and SWN/Sci-fi settings will get some use out of this.