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I had the good luck to run into this last year when I was exploring getting into the OSR. I'm not using any of the rules in the LotFP game I ended up running, but they helped lift a few confusions I had at the time whilst sifting through blog posts. This is an excellent document to hand a new DM. Thanks for putting it out there for free. 

Thanks for the kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have used this supplement with Electric Bastionland, and it added a whole lot to our table. Fun and useful!

So happy to hear that!

Perfect addition to the Cairn basic rules. Very useful!

Thanks so much! 


This is exactly what modular procedures should look like. Excellent advice and tools within.

Appreciate the support ๐Ÿ™




Fortunes Table doesn't have number.

I'm glad that there is a guideline for leveling up.

However, I think the growth of HP is extremely large. For example, in Lvel 2, there is a 9 HP character. When he reaches Level 3, will his HP be 17 if he gets an 8 in 3d6?

If it becomes 17, if he gets 14 in 4d6 when reach Level 4, his HP will be 31.

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Leveling Up procedures have since been simplified. My previous response is no longer needed. :)

Hello, thanks for your feedback. I may have done a poor job wording the rules. Perhaps I need a revision with clearer language. Let me attempt to clear that up.

When a character reaches level 3, they would roll 3d6 and that would be their new HP total if it was higher than their current HP. They would NOT be adding 3d6 to their current total.

Say level 1 they roll for starting HP and get 4 HP.

Level 2, they roll 2d6 for a 2 and a 5. Their new total is 7 HP.

Level 3, they roll 3d6 for a 4, 5, 4, for a new total of 13 HP.

Level 4, they roll 4d6 for a 2, 2, 4, 1, for a total of 9 (then, because they rolled lower than current total, he would increase by HP by current level (4), so the total would be 13+4=17 HP.

These are really just guidelines. Another way you can handle it is just letting a character add 1d6 HP every time they level up and that's it. It's simpler and will keep HP lower if that's your desire as Warden.

Re: Fortunes table, it's on a spread, so the d12 indicator is for both mishaps and fortunes as the table spans across the total length of the spread.

Hope this helps. 

thank you.

I missed the sentence "increase by new level." And misunderstood it because the dice in the example sentence was 2.


Hey! I love this supplement, and I'm thinking of running a campaign with my group through it soon! One issue I ran into was the table for carousing - it was a little confusing when to use the 1d6+1 versus 2d6, and the actual carousing table said a d12 as well. Just thought I'd make you aware! It's an awesome bit of work you've done here, and I can't wait! It's added a lot of longevity to my idea of a Cairn campaign.


Hi Joseph! Thanks so much for your kind words. You definitely found some typos, thanks a ton for pointing them out. I'll make an update and post a new version soon. It's always so cool to hear folks are using and enjoying this.